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Orthodontics San Jose, CA – Braces 95128

Orthodontics is a dentistry sub-specialty that focuses on teeth and jaw alignment problems. Albeit most orthodontic procedures are done to enhance appearance, some solve actual oral health problems. Here's a rundown of problems orthodontics can fix:


This happens when your mouth lacks enough space to hold all your teeth in a straight alignment. It not only affects your appearance but also complicates oral hygiene as cleaning overlapping teeth is hard.

Braces are a common solution to simple cases of crowding.

Gaps between teeth

Gaps too affect both your appearance and oral health. Food getting trapped in the gaps may cause plaque and tartar buildup. This spacing also causes teeth to subside into each other due to instability. Braces can be used to close these gaps and prevent potentially bigger orthodontic problems in the future.

Orthodontics San Jose, CA – Braces 95128


Also known as teeth grinding, bruxism is a leading cause of enamel loss. It mostly happens at night when the sufferer is sleeping and has no distinct signs to help you point it out with. Orthodontics can help end bruxism that results from improper positioning of the teeth or jaws.

Occlusion problems

The way teeth line up along your jaw and fit in your mouth is called occlusion. Malocclusion is the term used to describe underbites, overbites, misplaced midlines, crossbites and other problems affecting the positioning of your jaws and teeth. Treatments for malocclusion include use of braces and special headgear.

Besides fixing your smile and boosting your appearance, orthodontics has health benefits to the patient too. Heart problems, sleep disorders, neck pains, headaches and temporomandibular joint problems are some of the health problems orthodontics has been shown to either prevent or help improve.

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